USF students disregard stereotypes of danger on Halloween night – 10/28/13

Amanda Smith Feature – 10/16/14

‘Homosexuality and Christianity’ lecture raises questions of controversy for USF students – 10/7/13

Public Relations Writing

PRESS RELEASE: Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge & Sgt. Mark Dickinson -1/24/15

MEDIA ALERT: The Oxford Exchange – 3/6/14

PRESS RELEASE: Album Launch – 1/28/14

PRESS RELEASE: Alamance County Art Council – 2/6/14

PITCH LETTER: Publication for Lorianne De Loreto’s Book – 2/13/14

Blog Writing

Life Teen International: More Than Mud: The Glory of Being a Summer Missionary – 12/2/14

Confetti Events: Sneak Peak of Rebbecca + Chase Wedding – 12/4/13

BayView Radiology: How to Relax During An MRI – 5/5/13

MDesignUSA: Tips for a Germ-Free Kitchen – 5/13/13

McLauchlan’s Moldovan Musings: Spring Break in Moldova – 3/14/13

MDesign Media Online

Know the Differences for Each Type of Logo – 10/29/13

Creative Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business in Your Area – 10/15/13

The 3 Compelling Steps for Professional Branding – 10/10/13

YouTube Video Marketing Made Simple – 9/6/13

What You Shouldn’t Be Doing on Twitter! – 9/5/13

Instagram Video, What Does This Mean For Business? – 6/24/13

Hashtagging, What’s the Deal? – 6/13/13

Online Marketing: Engage Your Audience – 6/7/13

Web Design

Mojo Books & Records website

KnoBull PR website

Collegiate Pool Care website

Social Media Maintenance

Our Lady of the Rosary Youth Ministry

Instagram: @olor_ym

Twitter: @olor_ym


Graphic Design

Video Production

All video footage and editing is property of Nora Bourke. All music is creatively used in respect to copyright law, courtesy of original artists.


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