To whom it may concern,

I am a Public Relations practitioner and communications enthusiast. My passions are summed up in communications, branding, and relationships.

My passion for communication spans through various practices. My internship at MDesign Media, a full service marketing firm, advanced me to the world of online marketing and communication. Working with MDesign Media made it possible to hone my expertise in social media, SEO maintenance, and blog writing. My extensive involvement with KnoBull PR, a student run firm at the University of South Florida, has given me an in-depth understanding of the latest in PR tactics and teamwork. I have even achieved event coordination through a highly coveted internship with Confetti Events for over two semesters. As an intern I conducted client accommodation, established coordination with our Confetti team, communicated with other vendors, contributed to guest hospitality, and assisted in decor set-up.

My passion for branding and design has evolved through a love for execution. I have excelled my graphic design skills by creating logos, websites, blogs, graphics, flyers, and advertisements for
specific target audiences. Through KnoBull PR, I have designed and created an array of said
communication products for clients and the firm itself. Notably, my time at Confetti Events
enhanced my ability to be detail oriented and intuitive. As a Confetti intern, I played a heavy role in designing, creating, and editing graphics for the company’s brochure. I also worked as a hands-on assistant at weddings and events. I have even created various graphics for youth ministry programs and events as a Core Team member at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church.

My passion for relationships has spilled over into my many pursuits. As a member of the USF chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America I polish skills in networking, as members get to meet with and hear from an array of established professionals in the communications field. As an active PRSSA member, I have participated in multiple social functions in pursuing authentic friendships with my fellow society members. I have also served two summers on Summer Missions with Life Teen International, a Catholic youth ministry organization. My time as a summer
missionary involved reaching out and ministering to many teenagers at two different Life Teen summer camps. This led to passionately serving as a member of the Core team at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church. I have been developing friendships with high schoolers and middle
schoolers in order to journey alongside them during times of personal growth.

I am a PR practitioner qualified in online marketing, branding, publicity, writing, event coordination, and building relationships. Not only do I thrive in just what I do, but how I do it. My passions reveal my versatility and determination, allowing me to thrive in any position.


Nora R Bourke


University of South Florida |School of Mass Communications | Public Relations




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