The Dimensions of a Complete Life, Bold Words from Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the face of the Civil RIghts Movement. The man who gave the iconic "I Have a Dream" speech. The man who was arrested on numerous occasions as he fought for racial equality and social integration. The man who has been revered for his brilliant mind and fight for peace. A... Continue Reading →


Ready to Read: 5 Acclaimed Books That I Am Dying To Get My Hands On

1. Bossypants by Tina Fey Let's be honest, everyone loves Tina Fey. And it's no question why she has such an authentic and wide fan base. Tina is talented, intelligent, lovely, hilarious, creative, successful and yet still somewhat relatable. She reminds me of my friend's cool mother and┬ámy 15-year-old awkward self. I cannot wait to... Continue Reading →

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